Geoversiv thinking is based on the knowledge that we can harness more of what is around us to act more efficiently in the world, to achieve more with less, and to prosper while reducing the harm we cause to the complex ecological systems that support and sustain life. While a lot of detailed information is available through our online reporting and analysis, we also offer targeted, detailed workshops, where participants can examine more closely how this kind of thinking fits into their own planning.

access2good-v1Geoversiv’s main program, ACCESS to GOOD, is a global pathway visualization and enhancement project. It operates as an open, collaborative, reporting process, evolving and adapting over time, with the aim of identifying levers of action for adding value, momentum, and scope to investments in climate action and resilient human development.

There are three main Geoversiv variations on critical pathways planning:

In each, we focus on providing the best quality information, in the most condensed form possible, with the granular detail and local relevance required to make sure forward-looking sustainable thinking can be of most use to you and your team, institution or community.

The following are detailed, solutions-driven projects (from others), that are mapping out participatory pathways to a more resilient future:


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