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Todd Churchill is a rancher who uses regenerative agricultural practices, and partners with Nature to raise protein in an ever food insecure planet.  Grass-fed beef, using natural grasses and no corn or soybeans, are all pesticide-free, hormone free, medicine free and fertilizer free.The only inputs Todd uses is what Nature provides.  He likens the practice to the massive herds of American bison that sustained indigenous people for centuries, while building soil carbon and encouraging the growth or new plant life.  He answers the hard questions on whether beef contribute methane to the greenhouse gas load of the planet.  His answer will surprise you.  The only obstacle facing this sustainable practice is scalability.  Todd believes as more farmers understand regenerative practices, the markets will grow and more farmers and ranchers will see the environment not as a problem, but a partner.  One of his goals: every drop of rainwater that falls on his ranch will stay on his ranch, thus keeping topsoil, soil carbon and pollutants out of streams and rivers.
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The Geoversiv Earth Intelligence podcast is your window into the frontier work of imagining, designing, forging, and securing a future of sustainable health and resilience, open to all. Legendary investigative journalist and long-time television news anchor Don Shelby is the host and executive producer of Geoversiv Earth Intelligence. The lead contributors are Myra Jackson and Joe Robertson.

Episode 1

What is Earth Intelligence?

An introduction to the nature of Geoversiv, and a discussion on the meaning of Earth Intelligence, within the framework of Climate Change.  How the need to replicate the functioning of nature and nature’s laws can get us to the solutions we seek.

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Episode 2

Redefining Sustainability

Continuing discussion on Climate Change, with an emphasis on understanding sustainability and the role Nature plays in informing our path forward.  The economics of global food security will be discussed in detail.  The purpose of the discussion is to create community around the idea that the solutions to climate change are available working within Nature’s frameworks, as opposed to fighting the physical laws of nature.

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Episode 3

The COVID Crisis

Coming soon

Episode 4

Why democracy matters

Coming soon

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