The Geoversiv Foundation is a nonprofit charitable foundation, based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The Foundation exists to support, connect and empower innovative projects oriented toward achieving social good, through promotion of:

  1. climate solutions,
  2. clean energy innovation and deployment,
  3. responsible enterprise,
  4. education,
  5. peacebuilding, and
  6. expansion of the civic space.

Two kinds of analysis—one focused on human-scale economic value, the other focused on climate action and its wider social good value—support this work:

A Unifying Focus

access2good-v1The core program of the Geoversiv Foundation is the ACCESS to GOOD Project—an open, global, participatory reporting project. This unique analysis tool aims to identify observable levers of action for adding value, momentum, and scope to investments in climate action and resilient human development.

The overall framing for this work is a commitment to an ongoing process of “Geoversiv envisioning“, aimed at redefining resources, economies, civic engagement, and value in general, with an aim to building a clean future of global abundance.

We encourage and support the flow of best-quality analysis and information, by:

  • operating and sustaining and related publications,
  • collaborating in the design and convening of outcome-oriented dialogues,
  • connecting people and ideas whose coming together uniquely expands the realm of shared human knowledge, and
  • directing resources toward potentially catalytic collaborations…

in support of ongoing, sustainable success in the six areas of human endeavor listed above: climate, energy, enterprise, education, peace, and civics.


The ‘Critical Path’ was the complex evolutionary pattern of challenge, insight, and discovery, that would lead to NASA eventually landing a human being on the Moon and bringing him safely back to Earth. It is estimated that the full Critical Path involved roughly 2 million discoveries, proofs and achievements that had to be achieved, in parallel and in sequence, before lift-off.

There are three main Geoversiv variations on critical pathways planning:

  1. Tracing Macrocritical Economic Trends
  2. Mapping Generative Future Priorities
  3. Redesigning Future Operational Value

Learn more about Living Future Strategies, or make inquiries, here.


Living Future Strategies for Ocean Neutrality

The Geoversiv Commitment to Ocean Stewardship is intended as both an institutional action agenda and a process of exploration and discovery, generating roadmaps for others to follow. It operates through five areas of action:

  1. Information support
  2. Stakeholder participation
  3. Technical capacity
  4. Catalytic convening
  5. Institutional practice

Our mission is to design beyond hopelessness, to build a future of deep ecological integrity. We are all future-builders.

Facilitating Positive Change

Geoversiv Action Funds will begin to operate in the second half of 2017, after a careful process of partnership building. The Action Funds will be targeted, outcome oriented, and will focus on specific projects where participation and positive change value can be built effectively at the human scale.

Founder and President

jr-cop22The founder and president of Geoversiv is Joseph Robertson.

Joseph is Global Strategy Director for the non-partisan non-profit Citizens’ Climate Lobby. He coordinates the building of CCL’s citizen engagement groups on 5 continents, leads the Citizens’ Climate Engagement Network and represents CCL in the Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition, UNFCCC negotiations, and other UN processes. He is a member of the Executive Board of the UN-linked NGO Committee on Sustainable Development-NY and of the Policy and Strategy Group for the World We Want and the lead strategist supporting the high-level climate dialogue series Accelerating Progress, Advancing Innovation.

His blog is

Core Team

The Geoversiv Foundation’s Core Team of Senior Advisors are working in many ways to explore the dynamic systems that make Earth habitable, connect people and ideas, and foster the deployment of serious and scalable solutions. Learn more about the Core Team here.