Future Energy & Clean Economy Workshop

(3-hour Workshop – Single Session)

In this three-hour workshop, you will learn how to see the logic of super-abundant clean energy, the value of ultra-efficient little-known energy technologies, and how to anticipate the arc of development and investment, as revolutionary disruptive energy technologies come to market and change the way we live, work and spend.

The first hour will introduce you and your team to specific insights that bring the logic of global abundance into focus; the second hour will relate these insights to your aims and operations; the third hour will consist of workshops where you will conceive of and plan projects that will solve existing problems and motivate new investments and savings to benefit your organization. [Learn more here…]

Written by Joseph Robertson

Joseph is Global Strategy Director for the non-partisan non-profit Citizens' Climate Education. He is the lead strategist supporting the Acceleration Dialogues (diplomatic climate-solutions roundtables) and Resilience Intel—an effort to move the world to 100% climate-smart finance. Joseph represents CCL in the Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition, the UNFCCC negotiations, and other UN processes, and is founder of the Geoversiv Foundation and Democracy Witness—an online periodical promoting engaged, non-partisan civics. His articles appear from time to time in the Guardian.

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