Bill Barron is running as an independent for the United States Senate seat currently held by Republican Orrin Hatch, of Utah. Bill’s commitment to our achieving our absolute best in terms of stewardship of the natural environment, conservation of wilderness, natural resources and life-sustaining ecosystems, is the foundation for a campaign that will give Americans of all political persuasions more of a voice in federal government policy than at present.

Support Bill Barron, and help to build a freer, greener future for us all:

Written by Joseph Robertson

Joseph is Global Strategy Director for the non-partisan non-profit Citizens' Climate Lobby. He coordinates the building of CCL's citizen engagement groups on 5 continents, leads the Citizens' Climate Engagement Network and represents CCL in the Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition, UNFCCC negotiations, and other UN processes. He is a member of the Executive Board of the UN-linked NGO Committee on Sustainable Development-NY and of the Policy and Strategy Group for the World We Want. He is also the founder of and the Geoversiv Foundation and the lead strategist supporting the high-level climate dialogue series Accelerating Progress, Advancing Innovation.

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